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» What services are available in payment machine?
The machine provides bills payment service (electricity - water - land line) as well as utility bills (cell phone - Internet).
» Where can I find payment machine?
You can contact our customer service number on 0113738141 and customer service officer will guide you to the nearest payment machine to you.
» Is the receipt from payment machine trusted and reliable?
Yes, the receipt is reliable and is supported by public and private entities, under the agreements concluded with them and under the supervision of government agencies as well.
» Is the service available 24 / 7 ?
The Payment Service (إدفعلي) are available around the clock, seven days a week 24/7 and therefore we offer the service to the fullest for your convenience.
» Can I use my bank card to pay a bill?
Currently you can not, you can pay bills via cash payment (Cash), using the Syrian Arab Republic paper currency.
» Is the payment machine safe and protected?
Of course, the payment machine does not constitute any kind of risk which is easy to use because it depends on the mechanism of touch and interact with a simple and suitable for all age groups, but for protection it is provider mechanism of protection to prevent tampering and damage it.

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