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About Us
The Syrian International for Service and Technology offers e-payment service throw  the project (إدفعلي) to all people who pay the bills of basic services (Electricity - Water - Land Line) and additional services (fees - and taxes....etc) using modern technology in the self-service domain.

System reliability:

The system used in the e-payment service is supported by public sector banks, and private sector banks, so the Syrian International for Service and Technology company supervise and develop it, where SFOUR tried and reliance it since 2002 in all countries of Asia and the Soviet Union, Russia and Turkey.

Our mission:

  • Satisfy all customers and provide service as required to achieve the benefit of users.
  • Promote a culture of payment and delivery of information service about the pros and methods developed and used optimally.
  • Proliferation and expansion of the largest in all residential areas, commercial and service to the largest possible number of clients.

Our goal:

To be the best Syrian company in the provision of electronic payment.

Our values:

  • Excellence: through success and the determination to the challenge.
  • Disclaimer: We promised ourselves to provide our services to all customers and we are committed to our responsibilities.
  • Team spirit: We are all one and hand in hand towards a bright future.
  • Attention to customers and meet their needs and achieve their desires and hopes.

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