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Privacy Policy
SIST put starting the privacy of users of the company's website the Syrian International Services and Technology on the Web, and Privacy Policy for SIST on the network and that are part of these terms and conditions of the site contained within this website reserves the SIST the right to change our privacy policy from time to time and shall apply those amendments of the day in which you placed on SIST site on the web.

Collection of information and protection policy
The policy of the collection, use, storage, dissemination and transfer and security of and access to personal data will be subject to the policy of data collection and protection of SIST site on the Internet and also in accordance with the laws prevailing in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Collection of Personal Data
It may be necessary for the user to provide the SIST personal information (personal data) his / her own when you register in any service to obtain the services of the site SIST on the Internet or continue to take part in the services provided on the site SIST on the Internet, whether for products or services . If the personal user data is incomplete or incorrect, the Company Syrian International for Services and Technology may be unable to provide or continue to provide services to users / customers.
Customer agrees to undergo personal data provided by the company's Syrian International for Services and Technology for use or storage by SIST and the company Syrian for services and technology transfer and disclose it (whether inside or outside the State).

Intellectual property rights and copyright / copyright, trademark
1 - The contents of SIST site on the Internet is protected by copyright, trademark and other proprietary rights applicable.
2 - SIST offers all of the contents of the website (for example, and not as a limitation, including information and pictures on the site SIST on the Internet) or such content is provided by any other third party. The intellectual property rights or which covers all of these materials SIST site on the web are the property of the company's Syrian International for services and technology, and all such rights reserved.
May not copy the contents of this site or reproduce, modify, or transfer or distributed or republished, downloaded, or inserted or transferred in any form whatsoever, including, but not limited to electronic or mechanical copying, printing or recording without access to prior written consent of SIST, and the user agrees that the material and content listed above is for personal use and not for commercial use.
3 - When presenting the user of any material to the SIST through the site on the Internet or by e-mail or any other means becomes the company's Syrian International for Services and Technology the right to copy, modify, distribute, or derivation of the content of the materials in any form, and undertakes to the user under which that article suitable for publication and agrees to indemnify the company the Syrian International for Services and Technology on the web if any third party to take any action against SIST about the material provided by the user.

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